Life Evaluation Form

Please complete the following questionnaire.




Grade yourself on each question where a selection means the following:
I Agree (10) ----- Indifferent (5) ----- I Do NOT Agree (1)

** Please answer ALL questions or your score will not be accurate! **

1) I'm working hard but not making enough money

2) I feel like something is blocking my success

3) I have good ideas but my follow-through needs help

4) Negative thinking causes worry, fear and anxiety in my life

5) I'm surrounded with great advisors in personal & business

6) I sometimes procrastinate and don't get things done timely

7) Negative thinking causes worry, fear and anxiety in my life

8) I know I could do better with a little help & direction

9) I don't spend enough time with family or taking care of myself

10) I tend to take care of others before my own wants and needs

11) If I could just get ahead in life I'd be so happy

12) I am not completely clear on my goals and direction in life

13) I could be much better with gratitude and appreciation

14) Having a success business partner could improve my life

15) Sharing new ideas without judgement is important

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