Personalized Programs...
           To Enhance Your Life!

What is the difference between these five specialized programs, and personal coaching?

Just think about a specialized program that encompasses everything you need to learn about raising your vibrational frequency, or how to attract more of what you want in life to gain a worldwide clientele!

Whereas Cheryl's coaching programs cover many ends of the spectrum, your burning business questions or personal growth obstacles are all right here - in a specialized program that will cover in depth, how to overcome, improve and altogether change your thought order to gain the most out of life! Personal coaching is a one-on-one program that makes it all about you and your agenda.

Cheryl also offers Energy Services

Specialized Programs

Business Development
Turn Daydreams into Career Satisfaction
  • Uplift your business beyond the impossible
  • Craft a spirited speech to inspire your ideal client
  • Focus your niche within your client's aspirations/requirements
  • Ignite your business campaigns to make a difference!
  • 90 day program - two 45- minute sessions a month
  • $725 or three equal payments of $250 a month
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Personal Growth & Development
Following the Fortune
  • Attract more joy, serenity and fortune
  • Attune this guided program to your distinct lifestyle
  • Attain and sustain elevated mental clarity
  • Eight-week one-on-one program
  • $495 or two equal payments of $250 a month
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The Law of Attraction Made Easy
Become a Magnet Maker
  • Engage proven tools and techniques to attract more abundance
  • Invite the missing pieces to overflow into your grandest life
  • Immerse your self-discovery in purist light
  • 90 day (3-month) one-on-one program.
  • Two 45-minute sessions a month
  • $725 or three equal payments of $250 a month
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Your Spiritual Journey
Connect to Your Highest Self
  • Illuminate with Spirit via charts and a pendulum
  • Enhance your ironclad intuition
  • Get confirmation and clear guidance
  • Foster unshakeable positive habits
  • Six-week bespoke, one-on-one program
  • $375 or two equal payments of $195 a month
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Transform Your Life
Business Prosperity for Blissful Living!
Harmonize Your Spirituality, Business Prosperity & The Law of Attraction
  • Intensify your business by combining your Higher Power with The Law of Attraction
  • Enact the 8 steps to more effortless abundance
  • Create the balance in your life that you deserve
  • Get ongoing coaching support along with program information
  • 180 day program - two 45-minute sessions a month
  • $1495 or five equal payments of $325 a month for four months
Click to achieve absolute mastery of all 5 quests

Would you like to build your business, create a strong spiritual connection plus gain absolute life balance and tie the Law of Attraction in to glue the pieces together? If so, this is the program for you.

This quest, within the Law of Attraction, unifies your business momentum and spiritual compass to breathe a life of total synchronicity.

Working with a certified business coach for these six months will give you the support, motivation and encouragement you need to take your life to new levels you've never been able to achieve before.

Business & Life Coaching

What is coaching?

Coaching is a partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires a client to maximize their personal and professional potential. This is done by setting empowering goals, using measurable tools and techniques and identifying solutions and actions that will produce the best results.

Coaching is all about you and whatever problems, issues or concerns you bring to each call or session.

Cheryl is the coach, mentor and success partner to help you reach goals you've never been able to achieve before. You will be honored as the expert in your field and treated as a creative, resourceful and successful person you deserve to be.

Coaching sounds right for me! I want to learn more...

Energy Services

Aura Video session True Awakening!

See your energy fields (chakras) and your aura live on the screen
See what areas that are holding you back and read how to increase the energy

The Aura Wave session sounds amazing -- I want to learn more...

Cheryl Vallejos

Personalized Coaching

Specialized Programs

Business Development

Personal Growth & Development

The Law of Attraction Made Easy

Your Spiritual Journey

Transform Your Life

Energy Services

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