Quick Tips to Increase Prosperity in Your Life
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This time of year can be stressful for a lot of individuals. Feeling anxiety about all the expenses that go along with the year end festivities is not empowering when it comes to feeling abundantly prosperous.

Here are 5 ways to increase your abundance mentality and increase your overall feelings of prosperity towards your life.

Take stock of what you currently have

The first step to managing your prosperity is through becoming aware of how you spend money. Get out your statements, receipts and pay stubs and calculate by month how much money you earned and how much was spent. Create expenditure categories such as mortgage, rent, phone, etc...So you can begin to become aware of where your money goes. Where is it flowing?

Determine what is right about your current life scenario

Draw a circle and divide the circle into pies assigning each piece of the pie an area in your life. Money, relationships, health, romance, career, physical environment, fun and leisure, personal growth are the traditional segments but make up your own.

Now, how shade in the pie to the degree to which you feel 100% satisfied in this area. For example, if you are fully satisfied in health, then that piece of the pie would be completely shaded.

Next to each section, write out what is going right regardless of your satisfaction level. Find at least 5 things that are positive about that area in your life.

Know where you want to go

Imagine you were living a fully prosperous life. What does that look and feel like to you? Try to involve all your senses in this exercise. Dream in Technicolor! Knowing what you want and how it looks and feels is important in getting what you want. It is said that your thoughts manifest your actions and your actions manifest your outcomes. Now, chunk down your vision into periods - 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, 24 months and write out actions that you will need to take, people who can help you, etc...Choose to take at least one action on your list per day! You can only get there one step at a time!

Be open to opportunities!

Now that you have visualised where you want to go and come up with an action plan at least for the next few months, do not be attached to the outcome! Look around at the many opportunities that are present. You may not see an opportunity if you are only focussing on your action plan. New avenues may open up - follow the crumbs!

Visualise your desires on a consistent basis

Don't let your inner critic sabotage you from obtaining your outcome. Write out your vision and read it daily. Re-image it into your mind; let your senses swallow you up. Act as though you are already there. When you hear your inner critic telling your otherwise imagine there is mute button and mute the voices. If you find that your vision shifts, look at your action plans and revise accordingly. It is from the consistency of your vision with the right, purposeful and clear action that your outcome of prosperity will manifest.

Your vision will certainly change; as you get closer to it, it will simply become a milestone and a new vision will emerge! But remember this one secret: It's the process that will lead you to your outcome and towards eventual prosperity but you have to start in order to move towards it.

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Cheryl Vallejos is a certified in Law of Attraction practitioner who imparts her wisdom on attracting happiness, success and prosperity - mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Cheryl is author of "Injecting the Juice into Leadership" and "Time on Your Side" is a professional business coach and consultant with over 22 years experience in business leadership. She works with professionals who are ready to attract more success, happiness and abundance in their life as they combine The Law of Attraction with business building techniques. Click here to sign up for the FREE electronic book,"Using the Law of Attraction for Personal and Professional Success" or contact her for more information:

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